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16 July 2013

Today's Feminist Movement: Philosophy in Action Podcast


On Sunday's Philosophy in Action Radio, I answered a question on today's feminist movement. The question was:

How should the feminist movement be judged? Do today's feminist causes have any merit? Or is the feminist movement merely seeking special favors for women at the expense of men – perhaps even via violations of the rights of men? If the movement is mixed, how should it be judged, overall? Should better feminists eschew the movement due to its flaws – or attempt to change it from within? Can advocates of reason, egoism, and capitalism ally themselves with selected feminist causes without promoting the worse elements thereof?

My Answer, In Brief: Despite its many problems, feminism has been a major force for political, economic, and social change for the better. Today, just as with any other ideologically mixed movement, alliances with feminists should be made in a careful and ad-hoc way.

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Tags: Activism, Culture, Feminism, History, Law, Politics, Politics, Rights, Sexism

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A podcast of the full episode – where I answered questions on today's feminist movement, the morality of jailbreaking, racism versus moral decency, the objectivity of color concepts, and more – is available here: Episode of 14 July 2013.

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