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11 January 2010

Careful! Don't Say the "A" Word!

By Gina Liggett

Okay, here's the story. And I'm not saying a WORD! So get those explosives out of your underwear!

Three Christian churches were attacked January 8th by three young Muslim arsonists outside the capital of Malaysia over a controversy and supreme court ruling surrounding the publication of the word... (I'll whisper it, ... it's the name Muslim's give for God) ... in a local Catholic journal. Four days ago, 13 non-governmental organizations also didn't like the ruling and put up a fuss.

They are all upset because the word, "A," should only be reserved for Muslims, NOT non-Ms. The Catholics reportedly were using the word to signify piety, although I think there are probably better choices since there are some "Ms" in this world that like to blow things up.

These bombers were mad (a common lunatic's excuse for arson) because they wanted the Malaysian high court to annul a ruling allowing the journal to print that particular word. Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak condemned the attacks, which is a good thing (especially since there are other religions besides Islam in that country). He wants to keep the "harmony." But I think a better reason would be upholding that western concept, RULE OF LAW.

What I can't understand about the "thinking" of the arsonists and 13 protesting non-governmentals is: Don't they think "A" can take care of Himself? That is, I think that's pretty dern blasphemous to say that "A" can't deal with what any scrawny, puny, miserable, infidel, scumbag of a human being might say or print.

And another thing! That is mighty arrogant of those fire-bombing "Ms". They are supposed to be "submissive," like "A" demands, but they then go around being "A's" public relations spokesperson... I mean, spokesMAN, if you get my drift.

It appears that the attacking "Ms" were worried that other "Ms" in the country and world would be confused by the cross-fertilization of the use of the word,"A," and quickly convert to "C-ism." I don't mean Communism (they're no fun anyway because they don't serve wine at their Gulags). But the protesters shouldn't have to worry about mass confusion-turned-conversion anyway, because "Ms" are not supposed to utilize their conscious choice. They must simply OBEY!

And another thing! I don't know what's gotten into these Catholics... I mean "Cs"... because in the Netherlands a couple years ago, a retiring bishop thought all of the main monotheistic believers, the "Js", the "Cs" and the "Ms", should all use the "A" word when referring to "G." Well, some other Catholics didn't think that was such a good idea. But Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic relations, thought it would help interfaith understanding. Uh... I don't think so. I don't think we can have a lot of interfaith understanding with all these bombs some people keep carrying around in their pockets!

Well. I could say a LOT more. But I think I won't for now. I'll just give thanks to the entire alphabet that I hold REASON as my absolute!

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