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07 October 2010

Cushman AT OpEd: Is America A Christian Nation?

By Paul Hsieh

The October 3, 2010 American Thinker has published Charlotte Cushman's latest OpEd, "Is America a Christian Nation?"

As she writes, "This is the idea that we need to return to and defend, not that we are a Christian nation, but a nation based on individual rights."

I left the following supportive comment:

The bad policies of Obama and the Left have sparked a healthy opposition from many ordinary Americans in the form of the Tea Party protests. But it would be wrong to frame the choice as between the socialist Left and the Christian Right. I find both choices unpalatable and un-American.

The real choice is between a government that violates our individual rights and a government that protects those rights. Any attempt to cast Christianity as the only proper basis for opposing the Left can only undermine the cause of freedom and will do more damage to America in the long run.
Cushman's article comes at a perfect time and it deserves to be widely disseminated within the Tea Party movement. Read the whole piece.

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