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01 October 2008

Each Woman Should Decide

By Unknown

Tom Hall of Louisville published an excellent letter to the editor in the Rocky Mountain News against Colorado's Amendment 48.

Fate of her unborn up to each woman
Tom Hall, Louisville
September 29, 2008

The question of whether the life and future of an unborn child is of more importance than the convenience or privacy of the woman who's carrying it is strictly her private business. She's the one providing it with 24/7 life support; she's the one who will be responsible for the child should it come to be.

As letter writer Rachel Morgan pointed out ("Don't the unborn deserve protection?" Sept. 8), our society has already done great damage to our individual rights by extending pseudo- rights to animals and "the environment."

The only way these pseudo-rights can be implemented is by violating the actual rights of individuals. Extending pseudo-rights to the unborn only extends this tyranny to pregnant women.

The callousness with which some people seek to violate the rights of their fellow citizens is disturbing to me. What's more disturbing is when these people seek to engage the unlimited force of government in their crusades - and the government capitulates.

I encourage everyone who cares about individual rights to join the efforts of the Coalition for Secular Government and soundly defeat Amendment 48 at the polls this election.
Wow, I love that last line!

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