Our rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness
can only be secured by a state strictly separated from religion

12 August 2010

Eric Daniels: Religion in American History


This course by historian Eric Daniels was recently made available for purchase through the Ayn Rand Bookstore, and I highly recommend it. (I highly recommend everything by Dr. Daniels, in fact!)

Religion in American History
by Eric Daniels

This course investigates the historical development of religion in American history from the importation of the Puritan theocracy in the seventeenth century to the growth of evangelical ideas in the twenty-first. It illustrates how religion developed institutionally and in American culture. Dr. Daniels evaluates the role religion has played at crucial moments in our history and arms listeners against those who would give religion a central role today.

(4 hrs.,35 min., with Q & A)

Audio CD; 6-CD set: $61.95

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