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02 September 2010

LTE: Vote No on Amendment 62


The Loveland Reporter Herald recently published an excellent LTE against Amendment 62:

Dear Editor,

I oppose, and encourage other voters to oppose, the ballot initiative coming in November which would amend the Colorado Constitution to extend the concept 'person' to every human being, including potential humans during biological development.

Were the amendment, Amendment 62, to pass and be enforced abortions would be punishable as first-degree murder, and birth control medication that prevents implantation of a fertilized egg would be outlawed. Moreover, viable forms of in-vitro fertilization would needlessly be banned in Colorado. This proposed amendment is a viscous attack by the theocrats of the religious right, and an unequivocal threat to the life, liberty, health, and happiness of all men and women in Colorado.

In 2008 Coloradoans recognized that government must be secular and resoundingly stood up to these religious theocrats over a similar, but less comprehensive, proposal: Amendment 48. I urge all Colorado voters who care about the proper moral role of government to be even more comprehensive in their rejection of this new attack on individual rights.

William Danielson
Loveland, CO
Thank you, William Danielson, for speaking out against Amendment 62!

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