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14 October 2011

Michele Bachmann Sponsors Abortion Intimidation and Expense Bill


Here's yet more legislation seeking to prevent women from seeking to terminate unwanted pregnancies, as is their right. This time, it's courtesy of GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann:

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has introduced legislation to require that abortion providers make the heartbeat of the unborn child visible and audible to its mother as part of her informed consent. Bachmann issued the following statement about her bill:

"A pregnant woman who enters an abortion clinic is faced with a decision that will forever change two lives. That's why she must have the very best information with which to make that decision. The 'Heartbeat Informed Consent Act' would require that abortion providers make the unborn child's heartbeat visible through ultrasound, describe the cardiac activity, and make the baby's heartbeat audible, if the child is old enough for it to be detectable. A study by Focus on the Family found that when women who were undecided about having an abortion were shown an ultrasound image of the baby, 78% chose life. An unborn baby's heartbeat can be detected as early as five weeks after conception and ultrasound technology is an amazing medical advance that provides a window for a pregnant woman to see her unborn child. My legislation will not only enable this technology to be better used to protect life, but also to ensure that a woman who is considering abortion is finally able to give full and informed consent."

The "Heartbeat Informed Consent Act" has been endorsed by: National Right to Life, Family Research Council, American's United for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Heartbeat International, U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Ohio Right to Life and Wisconsin Right to Life.
A woman does not need to hear a heartbeat to give "full and informed consent" for an abortion any more than a person with a fractured arm needs to see his own x-rays before his arm is set. Such legislation, now all-too-common, is just a not-so-clever ploy to prevent some abortions by making them more difficult to obtain. Here, Ms. Bachmann is putting the squeeze on the poor and the emotionally vulnerable. Shame on her!

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