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20 October 2011

Reason for Hope


If you ever think that American culture and politics is relentlessly sliding into the abyss, just consider the ginormous strides made by two groups over the past decade -- gun enthusiasts and gays. Both are simply remarkable examples of good causes made real by successful activism.

I was surprised to be reminded -- in this article about the life and death of early gay activist Frank Kameny -- that President Clinton signed an executive order allowing gays to obtain security clearances... in 1995. That's only 16 years ago. That seems like the Dark Ages! In 2021, I bet I'll be saying, "Wow, I just can't believe that gays and lesbians were only permitted to openly serve in the military for the first time ten years ago." Hopefully that will seem like a barbaric distant past too.

As for gun rights, just check out the spread of shall-issue concealed carry laws across American states from 1986 to the present in this animated map. Blood is running in the streets, and every city is like the Wild West now... oh wait, maybe not. (Surprise, surprise!)

Change for the better is possible... if enough people doggedly and openly pursue it.

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