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05 June 2012

So Much Wrong in So Few Words


This World Net Daily article -- Evolution to Fall in 2012? -- is so much wrong in so few words that my head nearly exploded on reading it. For instance, the article...

  • Confuses American public opinion with science.
  • Cites a Gallup poll on evolution versus creationism that assumes God's existence.
  • Uses Google search trends as evidence of popular opinion, even though they can't be validly used that way.
  • Laudes the increase in young-earth creationists, while criticizing evolutionary theory for its lack of scientific basis.
  • Flatly lies about the scientific evidence that proves evolutionary theory.
  • Confuses evolutionary theory with mere randomness.
It's a creationist train wreck, from beginning to end... and a good reminder of the scientific disaster that is the religious right.

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