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13 August 2012

Personhood in Colorado for 2012


It looks like the religious right zealots of Colorado will have another "personhood" measure on the ballot in November. The Denver Post reports:

The Colorado Personhood Coalition Monday submitted more than 121,000 signatures to the secretary of state to get its anti-abortion measure on the November ballot.

The group, which claims 1,500 volunteers and the engagement of 500 churches in the cause, needs about 86,000 validated signatures to get the measure before voters again. This would be the group's third try since 2008 to amend the state Constitution.
That "personhood" measure will be joined on the ballot by a very good measure that would legalize marijuana, as well as a terrible (but lacking any teeth) measure on campaign finance. This 9 News story has the details.

Interestingly, the Denver Post reports that GOP candidate Joe Coors won't endorse "personhood":
This time around Joe Coors, now a Republican candidate for the 7th congressional district, will not endorse the personhood initiative, which would ban all abortions in the state, the campaign told the Post Wednesday.

"After its two failed attempts on the ballot, Coloradans have made their decision on this issue," campaign spokeswoman Michelle Yi said. "Joe respects the voters' decision and, for the next 90 days, will continue to focus on ideas to get our economy back on track by helping job creators start new businesses and expand their payrolls."
I hope that more GOP candidates do the same. Colorado voters have not looked kindly on candidates who endorse "personhood." If it wants to win, the GOP needs to focus on economic issues, not pushing an unpopular dogma of social conservatives.

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