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08 November 2012

Link-O-Rama: Election


  • If Republicans Want to Win, They Must Embrace Individual Rights: Ari Armstrong is right: the GOP was seriously hurt in this election -- and justly so -- by its opposition to abortion rights, immigration, and gay rights. I would add that Romney's support of state-level socialized medicine, strong regulations, the welfare state, and other economic rights-violations didn't make him a credible candidate on economic liberty.
  • Election Results: Amendment 65 - Campaign Finance Limits: Alas, Colorado's toothless pro-campaign-finance amendment passed handily. I think that's because most people don't understand that campaign finance laws destroy free speech. They just think that big money corrupts politics.
  • Slate: The Victory for Gay Marriage Was Bigger Than You Realized: Take note, GOP. Embrace gay rights, or continue to sit at home and cry.
  • Colorado's "Personhood" Candidates Take a Beating by Ari Armstrong: "As I've been pointing out for some time, Colorado demographically tends to be the type of place where people want government out of wallets and out of our bedrooms. Unfortunately, the Republican Party in this state is dominated by a religious right that wants to outlaw all abortion and discriminate against gays--and that explains to a large degree why Democrats now control the entire state government, again."

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