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06 December 2011

Campaign Finance at Liberty on the Rocks on Wednesday


At Liberty on the Rocks in Denver on Wednesday evening, Ari Armstrong and I will be speaking on Colorado's campaign finance laws -- how they violate free speech and burden political activists.

The festivities start around 7 pm at Choppers Sports Grill, 80 S. Madison Street in Denver. Here's the teaser:

Join Liberty On the Rocks Denver on Dec. 7 for a spirited discussion of free speech in the context of Colorado's campaign finance laws. Diana Hsieh and Ari Armstrong will discuss the nature of those laws and their adverse impact on the free speech rights of political activists. They'll also review the proposed campaign finance rule changes to be discussed at a Dec. 15 hearing with Secretary of State Scott Gessler -- including why you should support those changes and how you can do so.
If you're a local, please join us!

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