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21 December 2011

Noodlecast #111: Testimony on Campaign Finance


Last Thursday, Ari Armstrong, Paul Hsieh, and I testified at the Secretary of State's hearing on the proposed changes to Colorado's campaign finance rules. Ari was kind enough to record and post video of that testimony. (That's a huge amount of work, so thank you, thank you, Ari!)

I've compiled our testimony into a single podcast, and you'll find the videos below too. (I didn't include Matt Arnold's testimony for Clear the Bench Colorado in the podcast, but the video is at the bottom of this post.)

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    33:05 minutes
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My testimony for the Coalition for Secular Government:

Paul Hsieh's testimony for Freedom and Individual Rights in Medicine (FIRM):

Ari Armstrong's testimony:

Again, although I didn't include it in the podcast, here's Matt Arnold's testimony for Clear the Bench Colorado:

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