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02 December 2011

Gay Marriage Versus Theocracy



I love love love this ad. It shows, so clearly, that the basic bonds and life lived in this gay relationship are exactly the same as for any strong man-woman romance. All that differs is the gender, which isn't revealed until the very end. To deny marriage to these two men -- clearly in love, clearly committed to each other -- is nothing but unjust discrimination.

More, that unjust discrimination is rooted in religion, in the idea that God only sanctions marriage between a man and a woman. Government policy, however, should be based on rights, not religious dogma.

Gays have a right to unite their lives in marriage, if they so choose, just like everyone else. The recognition of that right across America -- as it surely will happen over the next decade or two -- will be a major victory for individual rights and a major defeat for theocratic government. I can't wait!

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