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02 January 2013

The Good in American Culture: Philosophy in Action Podcast


On Sunday's Philosophy in Action Radio, I answered a question on the good in American culture. I thought that might be of interest, particularly given the depressing political news of late. The question was:

How is American culture better today better than people think? I've heard lots of depressing claims about the abysmal state of American culture lately, particularly since Obama won the election. You've disputed that, arguing that America is better in its fundamentals that many people think. What are some of those overlooked but positive American values? How can they be leveraged for cultural and political change?
My Answer, In Brief: American culture, while not perfect, is so much better than most people realize. Notice, enjoy, and promote that goodness!

Download or Listen to My Full Answer:

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To comment on this question or my answer, visit its comment thread. A podcast of the full episode – is available here: Episode of 30 December 2012.

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